With geothermal energy we no longer have to worry about harmful pollution.


 Geothermal energy is a renewable energy source that embraces a large positive side. On top of the fact that geothermal energy is potentially available any where on earth, if is far more dependable. No matter what happens on top of earth’s crust, whether it be global warming, a massive tornado or the extinction of fossil fuels, geothermal energy will still function. Since geothermal energy functions due to nuclear reactions happening in earth’s core, theatrically it will be sustainable for as long as those nuclear reactions happen.


Unlike wind or solar energy that only function when the sun is shinning or the wind is blowing, geothermal energy can be produced, harnessed and used almost anytime of the day, under almost any weather condition, guaranteed. Unlike fossil fuels, where the cost is varied day to day, geothermal power plants remain at a constant stable price. They are far more cheaper compared to fossil fuels as it is not a necessary to pay for the fuel itself as it is neither bought nor sold from countries. Relatively only taking up little space, once these plants are built, they cause very few expenses and would last for several years.


Aside from a financial perspective, geothermal energy contains a plus towards an environmental standpoint as well. Geothermal power plants produce little or no emissions as it is only earth’s natural water that is brought up and back down. Thus, there is no need to burn harmful fossil fuels and release hazardous gases. On top of that, geothermal power stations help recycle water and the maintenance of it is far more uncomplicated compared to other renewable power plants as there is little maintenance required. Geothermal energy is a far more sustainable, cleaner and safer alternative of renewable energy.